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At Half-Life Creations, we believe we offer the best web hosting service to fulfill your creative needs. Please consider what we have to offer:

  • No advertisements
  • All the space you need
  • Tech support upon request
  • FTP access to upload and manage your website
  • Your own sub-domain and unlimited email accounts
  • Push announcements to the Half-Life Creations front page
  • Support for:
    • Canned CGI scripts
    • Free SSL certificates
    • MySQL databases
    • PHP
    • Ruby on Rails
    • SVN
  • One-click install for:
    • concrete5
    • dotProject
    • GetSimple CMS
    • Joomla!
    • MediaWiki
    • Omeka
    • phpBB
    • Piwigo
    • Pligg
    • WordPress

  • Apply

    Are you interested in being hosted at Half-Life Creations? Register on the forums to get started! Applications can be made in the Hosting Requests sub-forum. We do not accept email submissions.

    Provide a temporary link or compressed archive where your site can be reviewed. Tag your topic with [Request] or [Question] in the title.

    Additionally, tell us a bit about yourself:

  • Applicant's name
  • Website's name
  • Purpose and intent
  • Why we should host you

  • Terms of Service

  • No "warez" or illegal content or links
  • No viruses, trojans, or malicious content or links
  • No pornographic or adult oriented content or links
  • No racist, sexist, xenophobic, or prejudice content or links
  • No "shock" provoking offensive or disturbing content or links
  • No abuse of personal storage, files must be linked for public access
  • Staff reserve the right to cancel your hosting or ban you from the site without prior notice. Members should always treat with respect and courtesy.

    Be committed to the project you are creating and demonstrate a reasonable degree of professionalism.


    Half-Life Creations is proud to have collaborated with numerous mod teams and individuals throughout the years:


  • HIT Model Depot
  • Mini Redux Task Force
  • Podcast 17
  • Shephard's Mind
  • Modifications

  • Arrangement
  • Blue Shift: Reassignment
  • Cry of Fear
  • For Hire (Now NIArms for Arma 3)
  • FragOut!
  • GraviNULL
  • Half-Life: Decay
  • Half-Life: Shaft
  • Half-Life: Zombie Edition
  • Heart of Evil: Napalm Edition
  • Ragnarok Arena
  • Seven
  • Shotgun Sunrise
  • The Gate I & II
  • The Rising
  • Personal

  • Aydin's Portfolio
  • DiamonD's HL Packs
  • Gman's Goldsource Packs
  • Millenia's Personal Page