Half-Life Creations was conceived in 2006 then created in 2007 by Thomas "Editor321" Rogers and James "Minuit" Marchant. It was designed to be a haven for modelers, skinners, coders and developers of all types that have a focus with Half-Life, Half-Life 2 and anything related to the both of them. It is the mission statement of this web site to provide a professional atmosphere in one of the most well respected gaming communities on the face of the earth. Third party developers have shown us through Counter Strike, Day of Defeat and many other official modifications can be improved upon by the talent in these communites. We hope to build a strong community where all developers can chat, exchange ideas, release work and find web hosting for their own projects.

Under our hosted sites section (as well as the right side of the site), you will be able to find in time a collection of mods, portfolios and who knows what else Half-Life related. Not only will developers find a home here, but new people to the scene of third party development will be able to witness the amazing things capable by those that don't work directly in the gaming industry. If you are interested in becoming hosted by Half-Life Creations, please visit our hosting info page for further information.

Please enjoy your stay and feel free to visit our message boards.