Are you interested in being hosted at Half-Life Creations ? Then register on our forums and show us what you have. Please either zip up your site, either finished or in development or provide us with a temporary link to where we can look at it. You must request hosting on the forums, no more email applications will be accepted. Also include the following information:

Your name
Website's name
What your site is about
Why should we host you

There are only two small things you need to be aware of:
ꜝ Terms of Service

No pornographic or adult-orientated content to be uploaded or linked on our site.
No racist, xenophobic, sexist or prejudist content to be uploaded or linked to on our site.
No viruses, trojans or other malicious software to be uploaded or linked to on our site.
No "shock" images to be uploaded or linked to on our site. (Goatse, Tubgirl etc)
Members MUST treat others with respect and courtesy.
Staff reserve the right to cancel your hosting or ban you from the site without prior notice.
Be committed to the project you are creating and project a reasonable level of professionalism.
We also request that you have a link or image directing back to Half-Life Creations. We give you a lot of stuff, an image on your site is no big deal.

ꜝ Donations
These are not required, but are strongly encouraged as it helps this site stay operational. We are not in need of money nor are we begging, but it makes the payments out of our pocket less and less. We put forward the money to give you guys a website you can call home and mod teams a place they can build. Please consider donating! We will have perks for those that take interest in donating. Please check this space. If you donate before the perks are made available, you are still on the list and will receive them. We are just like PBS, just without Sesame Street. Stop by our Donations page for more info if you feel the need to donate.
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